Job Posting – Caseworker


Job Title: Caseworker

Job Location: Colorado Christian Services (CCS), 3959 East Arapahoe Road, Suite 200, Centennial, CO 80122

Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, some evening/weekend work may be required as needed

FLSA Status: Exempt Full Time


Job Summary: This position exists to assure that the all-important relationship, counseling, communication and record keeping processes (Case Management Services) required in the adoption process are fully accomplished in a timely, respectful and professional manner.


The job duties and expected outcomes require skill, knowledge and service in three distinct categories: Birth Parent, Adoptive Family, and Post-Adoption Search and Reunion.


This position serves Colorado Christian Services’ Executive Director, staff and adoption clients with an emphasis on confidentiality, Christian values and the respect for the dignity and worth of all individuals.


Relationships: This job (position) holder reports to the Executive Director.


Tasks, Duties and Major Responsibilities:


Birth Parent Caseworker


A. Provide Case Management Services to Birth Parents and their child(ren), coordinate services, may be required to conduct foster care and/or adoptive family home studies if necessary.

  1. Take telephone calls, receive texts and emails from birth parents who contact the Agency in search of assistance. Assess needs and make appropriate referrals as required.
  2. During initial intake, set appointments for initial session to take place preferably within the next three days.
  3. Determine medical status of birth mother client
  • Assist client in obtaining Medicaid, if client is eligible
  • Assist client in obtaining medical care.
  • Provide transportation to and from appointments, if necessary
  • Provide support during labor and delivery, if appropriate
  1. Arrange client housing, if necessary
  2. Ascertain if the birth parent(s) is/are receiving counseling from any other agency in Colorado.
  3. Counsel birth parent(s) on a regular basis, preferably weekly.
  • Obtain the appropriate signed Mandatory Disclosure Statement and file in birth mother file
  • Obtain signatures on the Birth Parent’s Rights form and file in the birth mother file
  • Provide weekly face-to-face counseling to birth parents both before and after the child’s birth
  • Provide counseling in accordance with the Department of Human Services Rules and Regulations (section 7.710.57H, Rules and Regulations) including, but not limited to providing decision-making counseling, information regarding options for the child, goals for the future, grief and loss, legal preparations, birth plan, post relinquishment support, etc.
  • Complete social & medical history of birth parents
  • Determine the applicability of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and take appropriate action
  • Within one day of the child’s birth, visit birth mother in the hospital.
  • Obtain signatures on the Infant Release, Placement Agreement, and Release of Medical Information forms at the appropriate time.
  • Obtain a complete set of birth mother and child’s medical records including prenatal records and hospital delivery records
  1. Legal Requirements
  • Coordinate with Agency attorney in preparing and obtaining signatures on required legal papers needed for relinquishment in accordance with State law.
  • Coordinate with Agency attorney in filing court paperwork.
  • Obtain signed relinquishment papers from the birth father; if he is not available, use proper legal channels to assist with the termination of his parental rights. Promptly investigate all claims of paternity. Document all efforts to locate birth father.
  • Attend all court hearings and provide testimony as required.
  • Provide transportation for birth parents to and from court hearings as necessary.
  • Promptly prepare appropriate reports and obtain supervisor’s signature.
  • Prepare ICPC packet, if applicable.
  1. Case Notes: A complete record of all contact with birth parents is required and must be filed in the appropriate case file in a timely manner. This includes documenting all telephone calls, text messages, and counseling sessions, utilizing the agency approved format.
  2. Adoptive Family Profiles
  • Utilize Interest Survey as a guide for determining which prospective adoptive families’ profiles are appropriate to show the birthmother.
  • Discuss with supervisor which adoptive families can be shown to specific birth parent clients prior to presenting to birth parents.
  • Show appropriate family profiles to birth parents.


Adoptive Family Caseworker


A. Services to Adoptive Families


  1. Coordinate and co-facilitate at Adoptive Parent Orientation/Educational Seminars (CORE Training).
  2. Communicate with waiting prospective adoptive families on a regular basis (at minimum monthly).
  3. Track all necessary paperwork in the adoptive family file, including but not limited to obtaining the signed Mandatory Disclosure Statement.
  4. Complete family assessments in accordance with the Department of Human Services Rules and Regulations as outlined in Section 7.710.56 of the Rules and Regulations. Family assessments must be completed using the Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) instrument.
  5. Placement
  • Coordinate with all involved parties regarding placement.
  • Provide counseling and obtain adoptive parent signatures on Legal Risk Statement, if applicable.
  • Obtain adoptive parent signatures on Placement Affidavit at the time of placement. Obtain adoptive parent signatures on the Confirmation of Receipt of Medical Information at the time of placement, if appropriate.
  1. In the case of Interstate Adoptions coordinate and submit ICPC packet
  • Within one day of placement, coordinate the submission of all required documents to Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) and submit to Colorado ICPC Administrator.
  • Correspond with the Colorado ICPC Administrator and provide appropriate paperwork as requested.
  1. Post-placement Supervision & Finalization
  • Maintain, at minimum, monthly contact with the adoptive family and child(ren) in care until the time of finalization.
  • Conduct three face-to-face supervisory visits, including two visits to the adoptive home. One visit to the adoptive home must take place within two weeks of placement. Visits in the adoptive home should include all adoptive family members.
  • Complete appropriate post-placement reports in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate with Agency attorney in scheduling court hearings and filing court paperwork. Attend court hearings as required.
  • Maintain a complete record of all contact with adoptive families and file in the appropriate case file. This includes documenting all telephone calls, text messages, and emails using the agency approved format.
  • Invoice adoptive family as services are provided.
  • Ensure that agency Attorney has been paid for their services and adoptive family has been properly invoiced for reimbursement.
  • Ensure that all fees have been invoiced and paid before closing the file.


B. Post Adoption Correspondence

  • As mail is sent to CCS, pull appropriate files.
  • Photocopy all letters, cards, etc.
  • Place the copy in the file of the person receiving the mail. Document when it was mailed.
  • Read and de-identify the correspondence, if necessary.
  • Forward the mail to the proper person.


Post-Adoptive Search and Reunion Coordination


A. Maintain post-adoption files.


B. Conduct Search

  1. Take Initial call from search/reunion client.
  2. Contact client and conduct initial interview.
  3. Send initial paperwork.
  • Send de-identified information sent to client.
  • Call client to schedule prep session.
  • Conduct prep session with client.
  • Begin search, following established search policies.
  1. Communicate Outcome of Search with client.


C. Participate in annual training as per legislative requirements.


D. Document all client Interaction and place in file.


E. Assist with compiling the Annual Report by October of each year.


Assist with various Agency fundraising/outreach events as requested.




A. Education: A bachelor’s degree in social work, social science, or related field is required. A master’s degree is preferred. Experience in counseling and/or adoption is preferred.


B. Abilities: Must be capable of maintaining confidentiality, able to counsel adoptive families and present self in a professional manner. Must be detail-oriented, well-organized, able to work well under pressure, able to communicate effectively, both in writing as well as verbally. Must have excellent people skills.


Physical Demands

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Receive deliveries, transport through the office and put away in a timely manner as appropriate.
  • Transport boxes up and down the stairs, from the basement to the upper level and vice versa.
  • Move furniture and help prepare for events within the office space.

This job (position) description is not all inclusive and may be added to verbally or in writing by the job holder’s supervisor.