And whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me…
LUKE 9:48

About Us

Growing families for over 55 years.

Colorado Christian Services’ Annual Fundraiser Campaign Package

Thank you for helping us inform your congregation, friends and family of the growing demand for our services this season.


We’ve provided a number of convenient ways you can help us obtain the financial support we need to reach these women in unintended pregnancies right now with the good news that Colorado Christian Services is a place of hope and promise for the future of their baby.

A Story About Hope — Video

Hope is a high school senior who discovered she was pregnant and needed options. This video has been created for you to show your congregation onsite or online.

Social Media Post

For your church’s social media channels, we’ve created a post that can be used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share with your subscribers.

Bulletin or Newsletter Insert

We know many of our supporting congregations are using both onsite and virtual bulletins and newsletters to keep everyone informed. We have produced inserts and content that can easily be added to your communications.

Pulpit Announcement

The content for an announcement from the pulpit is also available and would be helpful in making your congregation aware of our need through this Annual Fundraiser Campaign Package.

Tax Deductions and Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

Colorado Christian Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency, and each donation is tax-deductible. And for Colorado Residents, the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit allows a 50% Colorado State tax credit on your donation.

Thank you for helping Colorado Christian Services continue to serve others by joining fellow Christians who believe in the sanctity of life and the strengthening of families through this year’s Annual Fundraiser Campaign Package.


If you have any questions or special opportunities, please contact us directly.