At Colorado Christian Services, we believe that children thrive in families and that no child should grow up without the benefit of a solid family. This is why we have been growing families for over 55 years.


Family members support our dreams, catch us when we fall, and encourage us to be our best. We believe the strength of family is one of our most valuable human assets, and we are committed to growing strong, healthy families.


Here’s how Colorado Christian Services supports healthy families:


  • We provide counseling and support for the birth mother as she creates an adoption plan that best serves both her and the child. Each birth mother has a personal caseworker who works closely with her each step of the way, guiding her through the full adoption journey. Services do not end when a child is placed, either! We continue to walk with the birth mother for as long as she needs support. A healthy birth mother is part of a healthy adoption relationship.


  • We assess, interview, and counsel adoptive families to make sure each family is thoroughly screened and fully equipped to provide a loving home. As adoptive families move through the adoption process, our professional staff walks alongside them to provide the comprehensive, thoughtful assistance they need. Once a child is placed in a home, we continue to provide care through post-placement services. A healthy adoptive family is part of a healthy adoption relationship.

Colorado Christian Services comes alongside women in unplanned pregnancies and Christian adoptive couples to build families through caring, experienced, and professional adoption planning services. We are honored to be part of helping find a healthy family for every child.