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Listen to Lindsay and Matt tell their full adoption story.


Our last names were alphabetically right next to each other and so were our lockers in middle school. We began dating the week before college started our freshman year and got married a couple years after we graduated.


Careers came first and then the decision to start a family. We suffered three miscarriages and yet another after IVF. Four miscarriages in two years. We were devastated.


We didn’t understand what God’s plan was for us. So, we took a break and after looking at our options, we decided to adopt. We Googled adoption online and found Colorado Christian Services.


On our first visit we saw the word “faith” on their office wall.


Throughout the years of miscarriages, the thing we had lost the most was our faith. So to see “faith” on the wall . . . it was like God telling us that we were in the right spot.


The training we received really prepared us, but the comment that has always stayed with us is that you can never have too many people that love your child.


It was almost November and we got the call that a birth mom was having her baby boy in two weeks and wanted us to be his parents.


The day our son was born, we walked into the room and his birth mom and her mother were in the room and said, “Meet your son.”


With Colorado Christian Services, it felt like God was holding our hand the whole way — protecting this child, protecting the birth mom and protecting us as adoptive parents. They are family.


He is ours forever and we are thankful.

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