A single question was posed to Charlotte, Madison, Harper and Riley for their high school senior capstone project: How can you use your gifts to make the world a better place? Raised in Christian homes, the girls heard: How can you be God’s hands and feet?


Imagine how proud we felt when this group of teenage girls wanted to join us in our calling. After contacting several nonprofits in the area, the girls were inspired by CCS’s commitment to partner with birth families long after their babies are born.


We immediately thought of Hailey, a teen mom who felt isolated and unsupported. Her initial baby shower was a subdued event, and she had already given birth to her daughter with minimal resources or excitement. As soon as the four girls heard Hailey’s story, they knew they wanted to offer assistance and celebrate her and her baby.


They immediately began fundraising at their school and contacting local bible study groups to request donations. Soon, every single item on Hailey’s wish list was purchased by people she had never even met. Inspired to do even more, the girls sold bracelets to raise money for baby formula. The girls celebrated and welcomed Hailey’s baby into the world by throwing her a beautiful baby shower where they presented her with gifts, essential baby items and gift cards.


Because these girls gave God their ‘yes’, He sent other parts of the body of Christ to partner with them in supporting Hailey and her baby. Their hands and feet blessed the tiny hands and feet of a baby who was finally given the welcome she deserved. Today, the girls continue to keep in touch with Hailey and remind her that she is not alone.