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Do you share information updates with your child’s birth family?  Have you considered allowing your child to be a part of that process?


We encourage you to allow your child to participate in sending updates to their birth family.  Our birth parent clients tell us that the most prized updates they receive are those written or made directly from their child.


Try including some of your child’s schoolwork, artwork and a handwritten letter from them in the next update you send.  It will be cherished by their birth family.

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At Colorado Christian Services, we know adoption can be confusing, especially during an unplanned pregnancy.


We are here to help you sort out the details so you can make the best choice for you and your child. The more informed you are about adoption, the more confident you will feel in your specific, personalized adoption plan. While there are many aspects to consider, one of the most basic is how much interaction and communication you will have with the child once he or she is placed with an adoptive family.


  • Open adoption allows you the most interaction. You will have ongoing visits with the child and will be able to build relationships with both the child and the adoptive family.
  • Less open, or semi-open, adoption provides information with less direct interaction. This type of agreement allows you to stay informed about the child’s life through pictures, letters, and phone calls.
  • Closed adoption is another option. This type of agreement means you will not have any direct contact after the child is placed with an adoptive family.

Your Colorado Christian Services caseworker can help you consider which type of adoption agreement works best for you. Each adoption is unique, and you get to choose a plan that works best for all involved. You will always be special to your child and adoptive family, no matter what type of adoption you choose, and the decision is in your hands.  You can call or text a caseworker 24/7 to learn more: 303-246-1674.

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Even if you are not able to parent your child, you do not give up all choices regarding this precious one.


Instead, we will work with you to create an adoption plan that best suits both you and the child. You can choose an open adoption that allows you to maintain a relationship with your child and the adoptive family. You also get to choose from many loving, carefully assessed adoptive families. CCS uses the Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) to evaluate all adoptive families, so you can rest assured your child will be going to caring parents who have been thoroughly screened. Meet our families here:


When you choose life for your child, Colorado Christian Services is here to help you also choose the best plan. You make all the decisions, and we provide the caring, safe support you need. We believe the right adoptive family is waiting for you, and we are here to help you connect with them. No matter the circumstances, you can call or text us 24/7 at 303-246-1674.

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Whether you are a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy or a family hoping to adopt, your circumstances matter!


Each person is unique, each journey is different, and each life is precious. At Colorado Christian Services, we want to know YOUR story. We have been serving the Denver community for over 55 years, which means we have a deep knowledge of local resources and Colorado state requirements. Our state licensed, non-profit agency provides both the highest level of professionalism and the one on one, personal care you need during this time in your life.


If you are a birthmother dealing with a crisis pregnancy, you do not just need information. You need someone to come alongside you to help you navigate the many decisions ahead of you. CCS will provide you the care you need and assist you with the following, free of charge:

  • An adoption or parenting plan
  • Financial support
  • Transportation
  • Medical care
  • Housing
  • Counseling and legal services

If you are a family hoping to adopt, you may have already struggled with the pain of infertility. As you begin your adoption journey, you need facts, but you also deserve compassionate, knowledgeable adoption experts to walk with you every step of the way. CCS provides:

  • Adoptive parent educational seminars
  • Family assessment
  • Adoption counseling services
  • Post-placement supervision
  • Finalization

Colorado Christian Services is a safe place to find good answers for both women facing unexpected pregnancies and families seeking to adopt. You are not a case file to us. You are a precious individual with a unique story, and we will walk with you every step of your journey. You can call or text us 24/7 at 303-246-1674.

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There is an element of vulnerability once a match is formed.


The adoptive parents open themselves up to the expectant mother in hopes that she makes an adoption plan. They invest in her, build a relationship with her, and love her, without knowing what she will ultimately decide.


Sometimes that decision is to parent her child. And so, the adoptive family will grieve; the loss of the relationship with her and the loss of the opportunity to parent her child.


The staff at Colorado Christian Services walks with our hopeful families through the ups and downs of the adoption process. We are with you every step of the way; crying with you during the failures and celebrating with you during the joys. Additionally, we remain a place of support for the expectant mother; helping her be the best mother she can to her child.

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Are you struggling with infertility?  Are you longing to be parents?


Colorado Christian Services has been growing families for over 55 years, and we are here to provide hope to Christian couples who dream of becoming parents, in spite of being unable to have biological children.


CCS can help you navigate the complexities of the adoption process every step of the way.


We provide:

  • Adoptive Parent Educational Seminars
  • Home Study Services
  • Adoption Counseling Services
  • Post-Placement Supervision
  • Finalization

The adoption process may seem overwhelming, but we put our experience and expertise to work for you to handle every aspect of the adoption process, from application to finalization. You’ll have a knowledgeable, supportive, and compassionate team by your side as you grow your family.


Whether you live in Colorado or another state, Colorado Christian Services is here to help you reach your dream of becoming parents.


Call us at 303-761-7236 or fill out our inquiry form to get more information:

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Over the years, adoptions have become more open, and the benefits to all involved are well documented.


The level of openness is unique to each adoptive placement. Most birth mothers want to meet the adoptive family before the birth and continue contact after placement.


Colorado Christian Services honors the wishes of the birth mother in regard to openness. Whether the birth mother and adoptive family choose to exchange phone calls or have in person contact on a regular basis, there are many benefits to open adoption.


Open adoption:


  1. Improves communication. When birth parents and adoptive parents can communicate directly, there is less confusion and misunderstanding. Clear communication is beneficial for all involved, and the better birth and adoptive families communicate, the better they will connect with each other, which leads to further advantages.


  1. Strengthens relationships. As birth and adoptive families communicate, they learn more about each other and develop a relationship. When birth families and adoptive families have a strong, healthy relationship, this benefits the child both in the present and in the future. The child learns how to build healthy relationships and gains a bigger support system.


  1. Lessens feelings of being unwanted. Many adoptees struggle with feeling unwanted by their birth parents. Open adoption helps lessen these feelings because the child knows and has a relationship with at least one birth parent. The open, healthy communication that has been established means the child can ask questions and get answers easily, and the relationships that have been formed ensure the child knows he or she is loved by both birth and adoptive parents.


Although many are unsure about open adoptions, they have proven to be beneficial to all involved. Regardless of the degree of openness, open adoption improves communication, strengthens relationships, and lessens feelings of unwantedness for the adopted child.


Colorado Christian Services is committed to being a leader in the field of counseling and adoption because of our dedication to strengthening families with an emphasis on Christian values as well as respecting the dignity and worth of all individuals. We are honored to help birth parents and adoptive parents work together to create the best plan for each situation. Call us today to learn more: 303.761.7236

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Many of us dream of being parents one day.


We think about the perfect baby name, daydream about nursery décor, and imagine ourselves holding a cherished little one close.


Then infertility strikes. Our well thought out plans go by the wayside. Our dreams come to a screeching halt, and we wonder if we will ever know the joy of parenthood.


When faced with this struggle, many believe they must either give up their dream or turn to fertility treatments, which may still leave them without a child. There is another option for those longing to be parents: Adoption!


Growing your family through adoption can bring the gift of parenthood to many, and Colorado Christian Services is here to help! We’ve had the privilege of placing nearly 1,200 precious children in loving, adoptive homes in our more than 55 years of service to the community.


CCS works side by side with adoptive families to handle all aspects of adoption, from application to finalization. You do not have to give up your dreams of parenting due to infertility, and fertility treatments are not your only choice.


Learn how CCS can help you reach your parenting dreams through adoption:

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What do I do if I am facing an unplanned pregnancy? Where do I find help? Where do I even start?


There are so many decisions to make when you face an unplanned pregnancy, and your personal situation deserves personal attention. You are more than a number or a statistic. You are a unique individual with a unique journey, and this pregnancy is only one part of your story. At Colorado Christian Services, we see the whole of who you are.


Because we are a local adoption agency in the Denver, Colorado area, we provide personal attention and support. Your experienced caseworker gets to know you and your full story and comes alongside you to assist you in making the best decisions for you and your child. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to an unexpected pregnancy, and CCS is committed to providing free, unbiased support.


We stay with you for the full journey and assist with:

  • Creating a parenting plan if you decide to parent
  • Creating an adoption plan if you choose that route
  • Finding financial support
  • Gaining medical care
  • Securing transportation and housing

Trust your personal situation to those who provide personal attention. Colorado Christian Services is here to walk this journey with you. Call or text us any time 24/7: 303.246.1674.

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A happy young family with a toddler aged boy searches for a tree at the Christmas tree farm, the father with a saw in hand.  The family walks together holding hands, walking away from the camera.  Horizontal image with copy space.

Listen to Lindsay and Matt tell their full adoption story.


Our last names were alphabetically right next to each other and so were our lockers in middle school. We began dating the week before college started our freshman year and got married a couple years after we graduated.


Careers came first and then the decision to start a family. We suffered three miscarriages and yet another after IVF. Four miscarriages in two years. We were devastated.


We didn’t understand what God’s plan was for us. So, we took a break and after looking at our options, we decided to adopt. We Googled adoption online and found Colorado Christian Services.


On our first visit we saw the word “faith” on their office wall.


Throughout the years of miscarriages, the thing we had lost the most was our faith. So to see “faith” on the wall . . . it was like God telling us that we were in the right spot.


The training we received really prepared us, but the comment that has always stayed with us is that you can never have too many people that love your child.


It was almost November and we got the call that a birth mom was having her baby boy in two weeks and wanted us to be his parents.


The day our son was born, we walked into the room and his birth mom and her mother were in the room and said, “Meet your son.”


With Colorado Christian Services, it felt like God was holding our hand the whole way — protecting this child, protecting the birth mom and protecting us as adoptive parents. They are family.


He is ours forever and we are thankful.

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