What do I do if I am facing an unplanned pregnancy? Where do I find help? Where do I even start?


There are so many decisions to make when you face an unplanned pregnancy, and your personal situation deserves personal attention. You are more than a number or a statistic. You are a unique individual with a unique journey, and this pregnancy is only one part of your story. At Colorado Christian Services, we see the whole of who you are.


Because we are a local adoption agency in the Denver, Colorado area, we provide personal attention and support. Your experienced caseworker gets to know you and your full story and comes alongside you to assist you in making the best decisions for you and your child. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to an unexpected pregnancy, and CCS is committed to providing free, unbiased support.


We stay with you for the full journey and assist with:

  • Creating a parenting plan if you decide to parent
  • Creating an adoption plan if you choose that route
  • Finding financial support
  • Gaining medical care
  • Securing transportation and housing

Trust your personal situation to those who provide personal attention. Colorado Christian Services is here to walk this journey with you. Call or text us any time 24/7: 303.246.1674.