Are you struggling with infertility?  Are you longing to be parents?


Colorado Christian Services has been growing families for over 55 years, and we are here to provide hope to Christian couples who dream of becoming parents, in spite of being unable to have biological children.


CCS can help you navigate the complexities of the adoption process every step of the way.


We provide:

  • Adoptive Parent Educational Seminars
  • Home Study Services
  • Adoption Counseling Services
  • Post-Placement Supervision
  • Finalization

The adoption process may seem overwhelming, but we put our experience and expertise to work for you to handle every aspect of the adoption process, from application to finalization. You’ll have a knowledgeable, supportive, and compassionate team by your side as you grow your family.


Whether you live in Colorado or another state, Colorado Christian Services is here to help you reach your dream of becoming parents.


Call us at 303-761-7236 or fill out our inquiry form to get more information: