Many of us dream of being parents one day.


We think about the perfect baby name, daydream about nursery décor, and imagine ourselves holding a cherished little one close.


Then infertility strikes. Our well thought out plans go by the wayside. Our dreams come to a screeching halt, and we wonder if we will ever know the joy of parenthood.


When faced with this struggle, many believe they must either give up their dream or turn to fertility treatments, which may still leave them without a child. There is another option for those longing to be parents: Adoption!


Growing your family through adoption can bring the gift of parenthood to many, and Colorado Christian Services is here to help! We’ve had the privilege of placing nearly 1,200 precious children in loving, adoptive homes in our more than 55 years of service to the community.


CCS works side by side with adoptive families to handle all aspects of adoption, from application to finalization. You do not have to give up your dreams of parenting due to infertility, and fertility treatments are not your only choice.


Learn how CCS can help you reach your parenting dreams through adoption: