It was through rape that I conceived my daughter. I was also in rehab for my addiction, and it was there that adoption was suggested and I was introduced to Colorado Christian Services [CCS].


I have a lot of shame and a lot of guilt about the things that I did in my life. But I was totally supported, and never judged by CCS.


They were always empathetic and sympathetic.


I met with an adoptive family through CCS and they agreed to take my daughter. I chose adoption because I was raised in a single parent home and I wanted my child to have two parents.


After that, I became pregnant with my son right before I was sentenced to three years in the Department of Corrections. I really thought that I could make something work and place my baby somewhere until I got out of prison.


But, you know, as time went on in my pregnancy and I grew bigger, I decided that would be unfair for my son. So, adoption became my option again and I’d hoped maybe I could place my new baby boy with his sister.


I went through the whole counseling process with CCS again to make sure that I really understood my decision.


And it was easier when I found out my children would be placed together in the same home. Now I know that they’re totally happy and that they’re well taken care of.


It’s not that I gave my babies up or that I gave my babies away. I gave my babies a better chance.