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They love each other and have been together long enough to have made a couple of big decisions. One of those decisions led to a pregnancy they hadn’t planned on.


As uncertain as their lives feel right now, they strongly believe in Christian family values…their values. And, that’s one big decision that is a nonnegotiable. They want their baby to grow up in a Christian home.


It’s also why having an abortion was never discussed or entertained. It wasn’t an option.


She knows and her boyfriend agrees, they just aren’t ready to be parents. At 22 they aren’t kids anymore, but they really don’t know what the future holds for them as a couple.


But the future of the baby needs to be certain and determined by September. Because that’s the due date.


Now they’ve had to make another big decision — what do they believe will provide the best future for their baby? And what they believe is the very thing that began the search for options.


So they Googled “Christian adoption Colorado.” And Colorado Christian Services was at the top of the list.


A stable, married couple of faith to raise this child — that’s our decision,” she said on the phone.


That’s exactly the kind of families we can introduce to courageous birth parents like these, who are confident in their faith.


And, confident in the difference of placing this child with a family who trusts God — the same God who already knew this big decision was coming and prepared the perfect answer.