Adopting a child requires a lot of preparation.


That’s why CCS offers the adoptive parent Seminar, a mix of therapeutic, educational and legal information that helps couples understand and prepare for the realities of the adoption journey.


Christian couples who are unable to have children biologically and dream of growing their family often feel alone in their infertility journey. Seminar allows couples to be surrounded and supported by other prospective adoptive families who are also experiencing infertility and looking to adopt.


It’s not unusual for couples beginning the adoption process to have questions specifically about open adoption. Through Seminar, they learn the benefits of open adoption, often doing a 180-degree turnaround, and ultimately wanting to have a relationship with their child’s birth parents.


Seminar gives hope. Hope that through dedication to the adoption process, they will receive a baby. It just never fails. God has a baby for them and it’s the right baby at the right time. It’s always in God’s perfect timing.

In Seminar, adoptive parents learn the three key benefits to open adoption. Understanding the blessings of open adoption transforms hearts and helps create lifelong relationships.



Over the years, adoptions have become more open, and the benefits to all involved are well documented.


The level of openness is unique to each adoptive placement. Most birth mothers want to meet the adoptive family before the birth and continue contact after placement.


Colorado Christian Services honors the wishes of the birth mother in regard to openness. Whether the birth mother and adoptive family choose to exchange phone calls or have in person contact on a regular basis, there are many benefits to open adoption.


Open adoption:


Improves communication. When birth parents and adoptive parents can communicate directly, there is less confusion and misunderstanding. Clear communication is beneficial for all involved, and the better birth and adoptive families communicate, the better they will connect with each other, which leads to further advantages.


Strengthens relationships. When birth families and adoptive families maintain a strong, healthy relationship, it benefits the child, both in the present and as they grow, mature and develop. The child is encouraged to form healthy relationships and can rely on a bigger support system.


Encourages positive feelings of one’s worth. Many adoptees struggle with unanswered questions and/or unresolved feelings. Open adoption supports healthy communication established between the child and the birth parents. It means the child is empowered to ask questions and get answers easily, and the relationships that have been formed ensure the child knows he or she is loved by both their birth and adoptive parents.


Regardless of the degree of openness, open adoption improves communication, strengthens relationships, and encourages positive feelings of one’s worth.


Colorado Christian Services is committed to being a leader in the field of adoption. We are dedicated to strengthening families with an emphasis on Christian values and respecting the dignity and worth of all individuals. We are honored to help birth parents and adoptive parents work together to create the best plan for each situation.

Listen to first-hand stories from adoptive parents describing the journey and how the Seminar changed their lives forever. 


More About CCS Seminar — What is Seminar?

CCS Seminar is a comprehensive training program that includes testimonials from guest adoptive parents, distinguishing us from other adoption planning agencies.



Topics include:

  • Overview of adoption.
  • Grief and loss — acknowledging that adoption is created through loss.
  • Understanding the birth parents’ grief.
  • The child’s loss of his/her roots and potential impact.
  • Openness in adoption.
  • The legal aspects of adoption.
  • Drug and alcohol exposure during pregnancy.

In Seminar, couples get to meet CCS adoptive parents that have already gone through the adoption process. What a blessing it is to see that dream realized.


All these topics and discussion help make the adoption process ultimately life changing.

Seminar is held in the CCS office over a period of 2 ½ days and is one of the first steps in the adoption process. The training is mandatory and meets the CORE training requirements of the State of Colorado.


Seminar is an important part of our adoption program, allowing our agency to provide important education of adoption to couples who are unable to have children and dream of growing a family.


This month, we’re asking for your prayer and financial gifts to help offset the cost of our upcoming Seminar. Thank you for your faithful and caring support that allows CCS the ability to educate prospective adoptive families, preparing and equipping them for parenthood through adoption.