Can adopted siblings share the same bond as biological siblings?


With over 55 years of growing families through adoption, Colorado Christian Services has been able to observe the interactions of many adoptive families, and our conclusion is this: Adoptive families are just like any other families. Each family will have its own struggles and strengths, troubles and triumphs, regardless of biological connection.


Sibling relationships are built on the environment of the home, so loving, supportive homes, whether adoptive or biological, will encourage loving, supportive siblings. Children are especially good at looking beyond things like genetics and race to build strong, healthy relationships when they are provided with a healthy environment.


CCS is dedicated to supporting our families for the long-term. We help adoptive parents prepare to welcome each child into the family, and if a family is having issues with sibling relationships, whether adoptive or biological, Colorado Christian Services can provide professional expertise and personal attention from our experienced and dedicated therapist.


Colorado Christian Services is committed to being a leader in the field of counseling and adoption because of our dedication to strengthening families with an emphasis on Christian values as well as respecting the dignity and worth of all individuals.


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