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When placing a baby for adoption, the one question almost all birth parents ask is, “How can I trust that the adoptive parents I choose are truly good people?” ​


Like all licensed adoption agencies in Colorado, Colorado Christian Services utilizes the Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) instrument. SAFE is a structured home study methodology that allows child welfare agencies to effectively and systematically evaluate prospective families for foster and adoptive placement.” Unlike more traditional home studies which focus on self-reported autobiographies, SAFE uses research-based methodologies to create a more structured and accountable snapshot of hopeful adoptive parents. This method gives agencies a stronger grasp on whether or not the applicants are qualified/suited to adopt.


In addition to utilizing SAFE, CCS also meets with prospective adoptive families in a minimum of four interviews. During these sessions, a variety of topics are covered, ranging from family history to marital relationship,  from discipline techniques to home safety. We walk through the entire adoption process with our prospective adoptive families, ensuring that when the time comes, they are 100% ready and prepared to become adoptive parents.