When it comes to growing your family through adoption, it’s essential that everyone involved feel ready and confident to begin this new stage in life. One way in which adoption organizations help prepare parents for this journey is through training classes.


The State of Colorado requires that all prospective adoptive families participate in 16 hours of face-to-face CORE training. At Colorado Christian Services, we conduct our own training course which not only covers the State’s requirements but also gets into the nuts and bolts of our adoption program.


Adoptive families who graduate from our CORE training program leave more fully prepared for their adoption journey. They better understand the family assessment process, adoption profile creation and how to handle the waiting phase. They also learn about how connections with birth parents are made and how continued contact with birth parents after placement occurs.


We understand that a 16-hour training might feel daunting to some. However, once completed, our clients often feel more excited about the adoption process as a whole.