When couples or individuals find themselves dealing with infertility, they have several tough decisions to make along their journey. The first route many couples and individuals choose to take is to pursue fertility treatments. These treatments, though certainly successful for many, can be trying and difficult and may not work out for everyone. We’ve heard countless times how couples have pursued fertility treatments for months, even years and still found themselves without a child.


At this point, the couple or individual must take some time to evaluate their desire for a family. Do they want to be parents? Do they have the capacity, after months or years of treatments, to embark on a new journey? If the answer is yes, then there is one other option for them to pursue – adoption.


When couples or individuals reach this point, they begin to search around for adoption agencies or law firms in their area. They’ll start asking their friends or family for advice, googling topics such as “adoption agency Denver,” or reading books about the adoption journey. Once the couple or individual decides to pursue adoption and chooses an agency or law firm to work with, they often find a newfound hope. They’ve finally found a path towards their hearts’ most true desire… parenthood.