The doctor told me I could not have children.


We had always planned to adopt, but we decided to go ahead and adopt first and then hopefully have children, which eventually we did.


And then somebody told us about Colorado Christian Services. It was the answer for us.


We went through our Home Study and the great classes they provide to prepare for the adoption. It seemed like it took forever, but it was only 5 months until we got the call. Jeremy was 12 days old when we got him.


It was just a year and a half later we got Misti. The director called and told us that they had a baby girl, that she was seven and a half months old and she had a medical problem. We said, “We don’t care. We want her.” We got her and took her back home that day.


We were going to have two children and then adopt two. So, it was just kind of the reverse. So we then had Micah. He was a year and a half behind Misti. And then we had Brooke after that.


But Brooke has her own adoption story, and it all began when she married Justin.


Because Brooke’s brother and sister were adopted from Colorado Christian Services, she always knew about the agency. So when she and Justin found out they couldn’t have children biologically, CCS was their choice for adoption too because it’s a Christian organization and it spoke to their beliefs and values.


They learned about Mika on the day of their anniversary. And two days later they went to CCS and met Mika for the first time. Her name was chosen because Mika means a gift from God. She truly is a blessing from God.


This is our Colorado Christian Services adoption story. Or should I say — stories.