We had four children already.


Both of us were working long hours and paying for day care for our kids and barely making ends meet financially and emotionally. There was no way we could provide for a fifth child and abortion was never an option.


Then we met Donna and Steve through a coworker. We were drawn to them because of their huge desire to have children and they are dedicated to children as educators. Just something about them warmed our hearts and we really liked spending time with them and getting to know them.


That’s when we decided to go through with the adoption and we started looking for an agency to bring our families together through a designated adoption.


We found Colorado Christian Services and could tell right away they were different. We met with our caseworker weekly and talked about anything and everything. Our caseworker was truly concerned with our wellbeing and that made all the difference. We couldn’t have done it without CCS.


It was also important for us to include our four children in our decision. We sat them down and explained that mommy’s carrying a baby for these people because they can’t have babies. They understood and were glad.


Right from the start we wanted Donna and Steve to be part of the doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds — and they were right there at the hospital with us. They went through the whole birth process, and Steve even got to cut baby Emily’s umbilical cord.


Some people tell us that we were being selfless when we decided to place Emily through adoption. But we wanted to give Donna and Steve a gift that they couldn’t have gotten otherwise. And that gives our family great, great pleasure.