We had just moved to Colorado when we found out we were pregnant.


At that time, our family was living out of a motel room with our two young children. Our car had recently been stolen. Becca was put on bedrest—forcing her to quit her job—and none of our family lived nearby to help us. We felt so alone.


We were already struggling to provide for our children. Adding another would not be the best option for any of them. And so, we felt that adoption was the best choice for our child.


We began by searching online for adoption agencies and Colorado Christian Services stood out among the others. From our first phone call, the staff at CCS were helpful and kind.


CCS provided us with a safe place for our family to stay and transportation to and from doctor appointments. Our caseworker delivered weekly food boxes donated by a local church. We finally had someone who we could count on.


With our basic needs met, we were able to focus on discussing all our options. Our caseworker helped us look at parenting and adoption and we decided adoption was the best for our family.


Our caseworker lovingly walked us through the entire adoption process. When we met the adoptive family we picked, we instantly connected. Even after our short time together, we could imagine placing our baby with this family. It was the start of a new relationship—one that has continued through the years.