Gotcha Day – Adoption Day – Family Day: Whatever you choose to call it, the day a child becomes part of his or her forever family is precious and momentous.


As with all parts of adoption, something is lost before the new is gained. It is not that one is better than the other. It is that one could not be sustained, for whatever reason, and so a solution had to be found. The loss is real, and so is the new.


On adoption day, families celebrate where their children come from because their birth families and origins are a beautiful part of who they are.


On adoption day, families also celebrate their children joining their adoptive family because this is another beautiful part of the child’s life.


Adoption is a complicated mix of sorrow and joy, and each part of a child’s life, every person who contributes, adds an important page to the beautiful, unique story God is writing for that child. Each family must decide how to recognize their family’s adoption story, but it is important that each step be recognized, that the importance of both the birth family and the adoptive family be honored. Most importantly, it is important that the precious life of the child be celebrated so that he or she knows – you are precious; you are treasured; you are loved.