Real-life accounts, valuable topics and noteworthy news.


Real-life accounts, valuable topics and noteworthy news.

Every day presents a new story in the lives of the birthparents, children and adoptive families we serve through Colorado Christian Services. It’s because what we do is grow families and that’s always an amazing tale. And, we know you have really important questions that need thoughtful answers and resources — you’ll find them here on these pages.


Join the journey of those we’ve served and those needing an introduction to all the aspects of Adoption Planning. We will also regularly add a thoughtful article on the topics that inform and encourage you all. Welcome to our Stories.

A Family for Every Child

At Colorado Christian Services, we believe that children thrive in families and that no child should grow up without the benefit of a solid family. This is why we have [...]

Urgent Need for a Caseworker to Serve Birth Moms

At Colorado Christian Services, we have the blessed opportunity to share with you some of the amazing stories of how the Lord has allowed us to provide care to birth [...]

What is transracial adoption?

Transracial adoption refers to placing a child who is of one race or ethnic group with adoptive parents of another race or ethnic group. Transracial adoption is a beautiful picture of what [...]

How do I deal with an unexpected pregnancy?

What do I do if I am facing an unplanned pregnancy? Where do I find help? Where do I even start?   There are so many decisions to make when [...]

He is ours forever and we are thankful.

Listen to Lindsay and Matt tell their full adoption story. Our last names were alphabetically right next to each other and so were our lockers in middle school. [...]

I brought my baby home from the hospital, but now I’m thinking of giving the baby up for adoption. Is it too late?

No, it’s not too late to choose adoption. With over 57 years of adoption experience, Colorado Christian Services has helped many birth mothers make adoption plans, even after bringing the [...]

There are lots of adoption agencies in Colorado. What makes Colorado Christian Services special?

We’re glad you asked! At Colorado Christian Services, we view each birth mother, each child, and each adoptive family as unique, precious individuals created by God for a specific purpose. [...]

A time for big decisions.

They love each other and have been together long enough to have made a couple of big decisions. One of those decisions led to a pregnancy they hadn’t planned on. [...]

The Decision to Adopt

When couples or individuals find themselves dealing with infertility, they have several tough decisions to make along their journey. The first route many couples and individuals choose to take is [...]

Family Assessment

When placing a baby for adoption, the one question almost all birth parents ask is, “How can I trust that the adoptive parents I choose are truly good people?” ​ [...]

Adoptive Parent Profiles

Adoptive parent profiles are crucial to the success of any adoption. It's the first glimpse of your family that birth parents will get to see. So, it's important that you [...]

How early should we tell our child that he is adopted?

Every human grapples with the same question, "Who am I?" We also tend to wonder, "Where did I come from?" One of the keys to developing our individual identities is [...]

Growing Your Family Through Adoption

When it comes to growing your family through adoption, it’s essential that everyone involved feel ready and confident to begin this new stage in life. One way in which adoption [...]